Our voice is a healing instrument. It is something we carry with us at all times. It’s our friend, our ally in times of need and provides comfort and healing. It’s there to help us to communicate and connect with others. Our voices spontaneously express our deepest emotions whether through words, the tone of our voices, crying, or other vocal expressions.

 One of the most wonderful ways I’ve found to express myself in a genuine way is to create spontaneous vocal expressions. When I’m in the grip of deep emotions, if I can go to a private place and allow vocal sounds to come forth, my emotions will have a safe outlet. What emerges can be a series of moans, groans, and all kinds of strange sounds. Usually they will morph into more peaceful expressions of toning and singing.

 I know this is not the usual way that most of us process emotions, especially painful ones. Sometimes we cry, which can be helpful. Sometimes we talk to other people. Too often we don’t do anything about them, and that is not good. An easy way to try this alternative is to stand in the shower and vocalize whatever wants to come out.

 I am not a trained singer, yet I have made it an almost daily habit to vocalize. Following my inner impulses, I might start with long tones. That may lead to a repeated pattern, or chant. I may walk or move to the chant, singing higher or lower, louder or softer as I feel moved. This serves as a sort of cleaning out process each day. This kind of singing touches my heart, makes me feel peaceful, and sometimes leads to creative ideas. Some people call this Soul-Singing. It is music at its most healing.

 We can all do this. In addition to making up our own sounds, we can choose songs that we love to sing. Songs can comfort us, energize us, connect us with others. When we sing the same song together with family and friends we all resonate together as one being. The loving arms of music surround and hold us in a warm embrace.

In this new year let’s be grateful for the healing qualities of Music and call on her frequently to refresh and join us together.