Music Of the Heart

I believe everyone has a signature song that lives deep in their hearts. This music carries each person’s essence and this music is aching to be expressed. How do we find and play the music of our hearts?

In order to get in touch with this deep music, we have to be in touch with our hearts. This means that when we hear music that stirs and excites us, music that seems to say “Yes! I love this!” we need to pay attention to those feelings. Perhaps the music is a little over our heads, but an easier version of the score can usually be found. The important thing is to recognize that an essential chord has been struck within us and to follow through by playing this life-giving music. By continually responding to our heart’s requests, our heart will lead us to what it needs, facilitating our musical growth.

Another way to get in touch with the music of our hearts is to engage in the time- honored practice of improvisation. It has been said that there are only three ways for new music to be born: through deliberate craft, by accident, or by improvisation. When we improvise – that is, play with sounds – we open up a channel through which our unique music can eventually emerge. If we stay open and are patient, we will recognize it when we hear it. It is a great joy to welcome one’s newborn music into the world.

I don’t think we have to wait until we’ve “earned the right” to play this special music. This is a practice for everyone, no matter what age, from the youngest beginner to the most seasoned, experienced player. It is not only a perfect complement to structured study;  it is our birthright.

When we play the music of our hearts we are being true to ourselves. We are setting an example to ourselves of how to be in the world. Imagine a world in which people are not only clear about who they are – but also clear and honest in their expressions. Just consider the implications!  Music really can change the world.

So let’s play the music that is calling us – the music that we love. I have an idea that when all of us are singing and playing our hearts out, it creates a tapestry of sound that all works together in a miraculous way. I want to be a part of that and I invite you all to join me. Let’s play the music of our hearts.

One thought on “Music Of the Heart

  1. Such inspiring words Julie! I so AGREE!!!
    “…our signature songs: emerge from inside – we give birth to the newborn music of our HEARTS! ” YES!

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