Welcome! Get connected and creative- at the piano! Develop solid playing skills in a joyful & supportive atmosphere.


New students from age six and up are welcome at any time during the year.

Piano Lessons for a young child of age six or seven

  • A piano lesson consists of a playful exploration of the keyboard, music theory games, and an age appropriate book to familiarize the child with the elements of note-reading.
  • A parent is asked to stay during the lesson so he or she can help with home practice, which will consist of fifteen minutes or so per day at first.
  • A thirty-minute weekly lesson is recommended.
  • Arrangements can also be made to schedule two shorter lessons per week, if desired.
Piano Lessons for children age eight to adult

  • The lesson includes note-reading instruction using an age appropriate lesson book.
  • There are opportunities to improvise and learn by creating their own music.
  • As the student develops, other elements such as music theory subjects, technical exercises, different music styles, composition projects, are added according to individual needs.
  • Home practice time will vary from twenty minutes to sixty minutes per day, depending on the level and amount of material being studied.
  • Thirty-minute lessons are recommended to start, and forty-five or sixty-minute lessons are recommended for intermediate to advanced students, or for those wishing a longer lesson.

Payment Schedule for Private Piano Lessons:

Payments are due on the first day of each month. Please bring payments to the studio or mail to 50 Lake Road, Woodbury, CT 06798.There are 39 lessons scheduled for this school year. Monthly payments do not reflect the number of lessons in a particular month, but are the result of the year’s tuition divided into equal payments.

Private Piano Lessons Tuition Payments
Lesson Time Monthly Tuition
30 Minute Lesson $129. 00
45 Minute Lesson $193.00
60 Minute Lesson $258.00

Lesson Attendance and Make-up Policy.
For those unavoidable times when a lesson must be canceled, please follow these guidelines:

  • To be eligible for a make-up lesson, please contact your teacher at home at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled lesson.
  • A maximum of two individual make-up lessons per year is allowed (one per semester). If a scheduled make-up lesson is missed without notice, it will be forfeited.  No monetary credit is given for missed lessons.
  • If school is canceled in Newtown or Woodbury, this means that lessons are canceled.  However, if the weather clears, your teacher may call to see if you can come.  A maximum of two individual make-up lessons will be made up for snow days during the school year.  If more than two snow day make-ups are necessary, a group make-up class may be made available.
  • Lessons missed due to teacher cancellation are guaranteed to be made up.

Guidelines for stopping and starting lessons

Starting lessons:

  • Students may start lessons at any time of the year; the first month or semester will be pro-rated.

Stopping lessons:

  • We ask that students make a commitment to finish out a semester before deciding whether or not they wish to continue. If circumstances arise that make it necessary for a student to stop taking lessons before the end of a semester, we ask that she finish out the current month, and that we receive at least one month’s notice by telephone or e-mail so we can offer the spot to someone who is waiting for it.  If less than one month’s notice has been received, you will be billed for any scheduled lessons within a one-month period from the date of notice. Please be sure that your payments are up to date when you give notice of your intent to stop lessons.

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