Welcome! Get connected and creative- at the piano! Develop solid playing skills in a joyful & supportive atmosphere.

Get connected and creative – at the piano!

Julie Cook

Director, Julie Cook

For more than 30 years, Julie’s Piano Workshop has been sparking joy and creativity as we connect students to their own musical passion and to the world around them. Our professional and responsive piano teachers will guide you through a rich learning experience based on your learning style and needs using a variety of musical resources. Whether you’re 6 or 96, joining our community of learners means you’ll develop solid playing skills in a joyful and supportive atmosphere.

More that you’ll find at Julie’s Piano Workshop:

  • Monthly payment plan and make-up piano lesson allowance.
  • Newtown and Woodbury studio locations for your convenience.
  • Three opportunities for students to share their music each year.
  • Multi-sensory teaching tools including hand percussion instruments and music theory games.

For information on how to get your own music connection started we invite you to browse this site and contact us for more information.

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